ADCH Teddy and Sue Lohrer

July 2017

Teddy earned his ADCH (USDAA Agility Dog Champion) on July 29 at the beautiful outdoor trial at Data Driven Agility in Vermont. "Teddy is so much fun to run," Sue Lohrer explains, "although with his intensity and enthusiasm it can be a challenge to give timely cues and keep up!" 

ADCH Teddy was still for a moment so that we could get this picture of him with his ribbon and Judge Lois Mark.

ADCH Jed and Sandy Cody

May 2017

Per Sandy, "After many tries for that one last standard Q, we finally had success at the ARFF trial! And not only that, Jed won 22" Steeplechase! ADCH Island Jed!"

Judge Paul Stolzenburg, Jed, and Sandy are pictured with Jed's ADCH (USDAA Agility Dog Champion) bar and rosette.

MACH Asta and Susan Klavon

May 2017

Asta earned QQ #20 under judges Ben Gibbs and Linda Syner to complete her AKC MACH (Master Agility Champion) on May 27. Asta and her family thank the specialists, instructors, and friends who have helped her overcome obsessive-compulsive disorder and multiple behavior issues to become a happy, healthy dog -- and an agility champion!

Photo credit: 2017


Asta and Susan Klavon C-ATCH3

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