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On the Podium Again!

Teddy and Sue Lohrer took the top spot on the 16” Grand Prix podium at the 2017 USDAA New England Regional hosted by Riverside Canine Center! They were also on the 16" Grand Prix podium at the 2016 New England Regionals with a second place finish. Congrats to this fabulous team on their win!

July 2017

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Rally Teamwork!

Pearl is a multi-talented dog—she is not only an agility champion, but is also a Rally title holder! Paula Northrop shared that Pearl received her Level 1 Rally title in WCRL (World Cynosport Rally) in May. Great job!

July 2017

Special Corgi Specialty

Dibs received his first three Qs in the Excellent classes at the Mayflower Corgi Specialty show in June. Although not at Master's level yet, he did get a double Q the first day. Congrats to Dibs and Paula Northrop!

July 2017

On The Nose

Huge congrats to Julie for passing her Target Odor Test at a Performance Scent Dogs trial! According to Joan Johnson, Julie, a “little clingy rescue dog with no attention span” can do “independent searching and maintain laser focus in Nose Work." Way to go!

July 2017

Teddy Goes MAD

Teddy earned his MAD (Masters Agility Dog) title at the BARK! trial on March 18 with a scorching standard run (30.39 seconds, 1st place and second fastest time of all dogs). Sue Lohrer is Teddy's proud (and possibly out of breath!) handler.

March 2017

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CPE Level 5 Bling

Asta Klavon finished her level 5 FullHouse and Jumpers championships at Periland’s March 2017 CPE trial.

March 2017

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Fastest Nose

Cooper shows off his Fastest Nose ribbons from the Performance Scent Dogs trial on March 11, 2017. According to Sue Lohrer, “The Fastest Nose is awarded to the dog with the fastest search times in each of the three levels: Novice, Advanced and Excellent. He won Fastest Advanced Nose for his Metallic Speed run (11.87 seconds) and Fastest Excellent Nose for his Distance run (17.39 seconds). Cooper is a very careful, methodical and thorough searcher so I wasn't expecting him to win one Fastest Nose award much less TWO!”

March 2017

Citizen Kane-nine

Josie got the holiday season off to a good start by earning her Canine Good Citizen certificate. Congrats, Josie and Aline Wilkins!

December 2016

On a Roll

Nahla earned her Canine Good Citizen certificate, along with her first USDAA Gamblers Q and Qs in Advanced Jumpers and Snooker! Great job, Nahla and Aline Wilkins!

September 2016

The Nose Knows

Jean Collins shared, “Danny and I have been competing in Performance Scent Dog nose work trials for about a year, but he really brought home the bacon at the High Fidelity Dog Training trial in Raynham, MA in October. Here's Danny with his ribbon take, including the Saturday High in Trial ribbon for his 5.38 second Novice Distance search! He also won an Iron Nose award for Q'ing in all classes we entered. Danny loves nose work!”

October 2016


Ketch came into the weekend of Sep. 24 needing two Gambles to win the coveted USDAA Performance Dog Agility Champion and he got them — including a weave Gamble! Teri Olsen owns Ketch, who enjoyed Judge Jelinda Pepper's courses. Congratulations!

September 2016

Photo credit: Donna Kelliher 2016

Great Weekend

At ARFF's USDAA Labor Day weekend trial, Lydia earned her first Q in P1 Gamblers and another Q in P1 Jumpers, as well as taking 1st place in each class. Way to go, Lee Montgomery and Lydia!

September 2016

News Flash!

Carolyn Ing’s 11-year-old Sheltie Flash earned his MACH3 on Aug. 27 at the Scottish Terrier Club of New England trial, which was held at American K9 Country. They are pictured with the judge, Paul Mount, and Flash’s MACH3 loot. Congrats to a great team!

August 2016


Jed finished his MAD (Master Agility Dog) title on Sep. 3 at ARFF’s Labor Day weekend trial. Great job, Jed and Sandy Cody!

September 2016

Personal Best

Dazzle Q'd in three out of four runs at NEAT’s USDAA trial. Kristen Bartoli shared, “This was her best trial yet and we had an absolute blast! One year ago I never thought this would have been possible with my anxious dog.”

June 2016

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